About the Artist – John Wiens

Hi..my name is John Wiens. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at my watercolors. (BTW That’s not my car in the picture above. I saw a guy sitting in his 59 Corvette in the Costco parking lot and I asked him if he would take a picture of me in it. I was cool for about 4 minutes.) 

I was born and raised a long time ago in Winnipeg, Manitoba on the Canadian prairies. (How long ago?. . . I was born just after the age of dinosaurs.) I have been interested in art since I was a kid and have spent my adult life in the graphic arts field.

For twenty-some years I worked in publication design with the Canadian Forestry Service. I retired in 2020 from being on staff with Valley Life Church in Lebanon, Oregon, working in communications. Check out Valley Life Church here.

My interest in watercolors began when I was living in Victoria, British Columbia. In recent years I decided to tackle the challenge of larger scale watercolors. Many of the paintings you see here are on full-sheet watercolor paper which is approximately 21″ x 29″.

I am married to Lynn and we have four kids and twelve grandkids. Lisa married Joseph Baideme in December of 2008 and he took her all the way to Spartanburg, South Carolina. They now have three little girls, Sage, Maggie and Penelope, and a son named Roman. Jennie lives in Philomath, Oregon, with her husband Scott and five children, Tysen, Charlie, Jon, Sarai and ScottieLynn. Kristin lives in Victoria, B.C. and has two grown kids, Benjamin and Bethany. We also have a son Robbi who lives in Victoria with his wife Cassandra and daughter Alex.

My wife Lynn is my lifetime friend and companion. Lynn retired a few years back from being co-director of the Hope Center, a Sweet Home shelter for abused and homeless women and children.

The fish symbol under my name indicates that I am a follower of Jesus.